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is a multitalented artist. She has a Phd in History and speaks 5 languages.She has starred in more than 30 movies in Italy and abroad in the last 10 years.
Isabelle was born in Italy, to 2 neurologists.
Her complete name is Federica Isabelle Federici. Adriani is her grandmother's family name. Her parents sent her abroad to study in several countries such as: England, Germany, France, Usa and Argentina, so she's fluent in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish. She studied acting, singing and dancing since she was a child.
Isabelle also has a unique talent for whistling in an operatic style. She published 2 music album ('Tribute' and 'To Movies with Love').

PHD in History – Thesis on “The DNA of Fairytales”
C.U.T. “Centro Universitario Teatrale di Perugia” – Perugia (Italy) in cooperation with Accademia di Arte Drammatica Silvio d'Amico in Rome.
Theatre internship with Susan Strasberg
Formazione professionale in Arte Drammatica, Teatro di Sacco in Perugia 
Studied lyrical singing with Prof. Edda Dell’Orso (Ennio Morricone’s chorister) and at 'Scienza come Arte School' in cooperation with 'Teatro Sperimentale di Spoleto'.
Ballet - Scuola di danza Francesco Morlacchi - Senior Grade Highly Commended - Royal Ballet of London.
Master in Journalism, Rome

Movies and TV
In the last years 10 years she played in some of the most successful movies in Italy such as:'What a beautiful Day' (52 millions of euros, very unusual for the Italian market), 'Men against Women'(15 millions euros) and 'The First Beautiful Thing'and in many other feature films. She also appears in 'The American' with George Clooney, in 'Twice Born' with Penelope Cruz, in 'Reclaim' with John Cusak and in 'The Young Messiah' with Sean Bean and as co-lead in 'The Trial, The Infidel', with Jim caviziel and Claudia Karvan (2019).
She was the lead of the Tv Serie 'VIRUS for Rai Tre where she worked also with Danny De Vito and Zack Efron. She presented the daily Tv Shows 'Accade Oggi' and 'Moviestar' for Channel 5 (Canale 5), Mediaset.

'My name is Nobody', written by Valerio Massimo Manfredi. Isabelle's Roles: Helen, Calypso, Circe, Penelope, and goddess Athena. With Massimo Ghini, Directed by Sgorlon. Opera di Roma and Teatro Nazionale di Roma (2013) 
Cinderella's Theatre Company, directed and interpreted various fairytales such as : Cinderella,Sleeping Beauty, The Beauty and The Beast, Snowhite, The Prince Trasimeno, directed F. Federici (Perugia, 2005-2006)
Interpreted various Shakespeare's works: The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet, The Timing of Shrew, Midnight's Summer Dream,Macbeth, Antonio and Cleopatra, The Merchant of Venice, at the C.U.T. of Perugia directed by F. Ruggeri
Interpreted various Plays at Teatro di Sacco, directed by R. Biselli. 

Rio Mare 
with Kevin Costner
Divina Essentia
Luxury Fashion 
Stefano Blandaleone
Red Carpet 
Sky 425

She published 2 Music albums 'Tribute' and 'To Movies with Love' on Spotify, the soundtracks of the Hollywood Classics singing and whistling in an operatic style.

Art: Some of her artworks serie 'To Movies with Love' are permanently exposed inside the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and New York.

Books: she published 14 books among fairy tales, historical novels and historical essays.

Acting: Improvizing, Theatre, Cinema
Tv: presenter, journalist
Singing: classical, pop genres.
Dancing: classical and modern (flamenco, belly dance, oriental dances)
Drawing and Painting: different techniques “Accademia of Belle Arti in Florence”
Writing: Author (fairytales, historical novels and scripts).
Whistling: She has a special talent for whistling in operatic style.

Isabelle Adriani:
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