Isabelle Adriani - FILMOGRAPHY




with Jim Caviziel, Claudia Karvan, Isabelle Adriani
Role: Maria Landi (co-lead)
Directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh (2019)

-Red Carpet, 'A Fashion Story'
Lead: Isabelle Adriani 
Sky 425 Channel (2017/2018)

Era Glaciale 5 - in rotta di collisione
dubbs 'Peaches' (2016)

-The Young Messiah' (former title: 'Christ the Lord')
'with Sean Bean
Role: Seleni 
Directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh (2016)

-"Reclaim" with John Cusack and Jacki Weaver
Role: Esmeralda
Directed by Alan White (2014)

-"Future-Past-Perfect" with Milla Jovovich
Role: Milla's sister
Directed by T. Subkoff (2013)

-"Twice Born" with Penelope Cruz; 
Role: Journalist          
Directed by S. Castellito (2012)

-"See you at home"
Role: Ilaria                  
Directed by M.Ponzi       (2012)  

-"Il tempo delle Mimose"
Role: Glenda              
 Directed by M.Bracco     (2012)

-"What a Beautiful Day"
Role: Mercedes           
Directed by G.Nunziate  (2011)

-"The American" with George Clooney
Role : Hooker              
Directed by A.Corbijn   (2011)

-"Faccio un salto all'Havana" 
Role:Leader Eva          
Directed by D. Baldi       (2011)

-"Christmas in Paris"     Role:Isabelle               
Directed by C.Risi           (2011)

-"The Big Heart of the Girls"
Role:Marcella Vanarini
 Directed by P.Avati        (2011)

-"Lessons of Chocolate 2" 
Directed by A.Federici   (2011)

-"Kissed by Fortune"     
Directed by P.Costella    (2011)

Directed by  P.Genovese (2011)

-"Una sconfinata giovinezza" 
Directed by P.Avati         (2011)

-"Males Against Females"   
Role: Svetlana        
 Directed by F.Brizzi       (2010)

-"The First Beautiful Thing"  
Role: Luciana Cenerini 
 Directed by P.Virzì         (2010)

-"All the Love of the World"    
 Directed by R.Grandi     (2010)

-"Caraibi Last Minute"  
Role:Bertolino's wife      
Directed  by C.Vanzina  (2009)

-"Love at 14" 
Directed  by F.Moccia    (2009)

-"Who says No"   
Directed by G.Avellino   (2009)                

Tv Series 
-"Virus" sit-com, RAIMOVI
Directed by M.Gambino (2012)
-"The island"   Raiuno
Role:Lawyer Cenni   
Directed by A.Negrin (2012)
-"Don Matteo" Raiuno
 Role:Emanuela Corti 
Directed by S.Basile (2012)
-"Il commissario Zagaria" Canale 5
Role: Anna Lepore 
Directed by A.Grimaldi (2011)
-"The Champion and the Miss" Raiuno
Directed by A.Longoni (2011)
-"Where could you find another girl like me" Raiuno
Directed by G.Capitani (2011)
-"Il commissario Manara 2" Raiuno
Role:Miss Agnese Mais
Directed by L.Ribuoli (2011)
-"I Married a Policeman 2" Raidue
Role:Mrs Ginevra Barroni
Directed by G.Capitani (2010)
-"Capri 3" Raiuno
Role: Roberta  
Directed by F:Marra and D. Acocella (2010)
-"Police District 9" canale 5
Role: Doctor Carolina Ferretti
Directed by A.Ferrari 

Isabelle Adriani presented the Tv Programs:
'Economia in Rosa', 'Tea for Fashion', 'il Personaggio della Settimana', Stelle e Storie', 'Il Giorno piu bello' (Retesole TV);
"Movie Star" and 'Accadde Oggi' broadcasted from monday to friday at 9:50 am. (2011-2012) and 'Once Upon a Time' (Canale 5, Mediaset, 2010)
She presented also 'The story of Cinecittà' for Warner Bros in english (1995)

"My name is Nobody", written by Valerio Massimo Manfredi. Roles: Helen, Calypso, Circe, Penelope, and goddess Athena. With Massimo Ghini. Opera di Roma and Teatro Nazionale di Roma  (2013)
Cinderella's Theatre Company, directed and interpreted various fairytales such as : Cinderella,Sleeping Beauty, The Beauty and The Beast, Snowhite, The Prince Trasimeno, directed F.Federici

Interpreted various Shakespeare's works: The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet, The Timing of Shrew,Midnight's Summer Dream,Macbeth, Antonio and Cleopatra, The Merchant of Venice, at the C.U.T. of Perugia directed by F.Ruggeri

Interpreted various Plays at Teatro di Sacco, directed by R.Biselli.

Theatrical versions of monologues of various authors (Shakespeare,Brecht,Chekov,Moliere,Neil Simon)
directed by S.Strasberg.

"Ice Age 5" Role: Peaches (2016)
"The Pirate Fairy" Role: Zarina
Directed by Peggy Holmes (2014) 
"Ice Age 4"   Role:Lead Peaches  
Directed by Steve Martino and Mike Thurmeier (2012)
"Alvin Superstar 3"  Role:Jeanette  
Directed by:Mike Mitchell (2011)